Calendar12 - 13 june 2017

Location Prague, Czech Republic

Amadeus Express Hack




The first ever Amadeus Express Hack is kicking off in Prague during the Rail Innovation Forum.

Participants invited to join the contest will be given 20 hours to create and launch their idea for solving a real industry challenge. After 20h of ideation and prototyping, teams will showcase their projects on stage.

Whether you are an expert or a newbie in hackathons or innovation contests, we welcome you to join this event and work with industry colleagues to ideate and find solutions to real challenges.

This will be a great opportunity to work hand in hand with other colleagues and entrepreneurs from the industry. A great framework to network, showcase your innovative skills and a chance to win attractive prizes.

Come and join us at Rail Innovation Forum!


Participation will be under invitation only. Teams will consist of a mixture of technologists, creative, business and entrepreneurial individuals coming from rail operators, travel agencies and Amadeus.

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  • Monday, 12 June
  • Participants of the Amadeus Express Hack will be invited to attend the Welcome cocktail of our hosting event, the Rail Innovation Forum.

  • During the cocktail networking, the challenge for the contest will be unveiled, the teams will be formed and the 20h time limit will begin!

  • Tuesday, 13 June
  • Project Pitching Please note all presentations will be in English

  • Awards ceremony Prizes to be announced!

Total Hack Time: 20h (from 20h Monday to 16h Tuesday)

20 hours to create and present your idea!



What is Amadeus Express Hack?

Amadeus Express Hack is a 20 hour hackathon where you're given 20 hours to create and launch your idea for solving a real challenge. You'll get together with different profiles of people within your industry in order to achieve innovative solutions.

Is this for me? I don't code.

Amadeus Express Hack isn't your average Hackathon; mock-ups and concepts are welcome on stage. Your technical feasible will be judged but also your business plan and idea viability. In order to make this work, teams will have to consist of a mixture of technologists, creative, business and entrepreneurial individuals. Participants will come from rail operators, travel agencies and Amadeus.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop, charger and whatever else you think you might need for the 20 hour period.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Not at all - participation is completely free, you just need to meet us in Prague (flight and accommodation to be handled by the participant).

Join us to have your idea judged by top industry professionals, network with the most relevant profiles of the rail and ground business and have the chance of winning attractive prizes that will be unveiled soon.

Do I have to spend the whole 20 hours there?

Not if you don't want to, but it's highly encouraged. Every second counts to get your idea finished on time!

Do I have to find a team before hand?

No, you'll be put into teams when you arrive. This will be a great opportunity to work with new people, although if you have any strong preferences with who you work with they will be taken into account.


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