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February 27, 2015
Author: Philip Martin

85 additional exhibitors were present at the 2015 BTShow. Amadeus Rail was part of it together with Amadeus UK. Keep on reading to know all the event details as well as the latest traveland rail industry trends for those who couldn't attend. 


Innovate, disrupt, evolve and generate

Within the event, the Travel Technology Europe convention held many discussions and panels under the following debate umbrella: innovate, disrupt, evolve and generate.

The highlight of one of the debates was the use big data applied to the travel industry. Has all the analysis of online data applied to marketing tools gone too far? Do we want or even need this type of personalisation?

New technology ideas were also presented and questioned during the different panel sessions. As an example, GuestU, a concierge mobile app showed how easy is to offer ancillary services to the hospitality industry, boosting their revenues and keeping customers happy by offering different activities. 


Booking rail, will it ever be simple? 

Thomas Drexler, Global Head of Amadeus Rail, was also part of the debate sessions, discussing if booking rail will ever be simple, together with SilverRail on the panel. 1.59 Billion Rail journeys were taken during 2013-2014, which is a 95% passenger increase over the last 20 years. What other industry can boast such a large increase? 

Rail is becoming more popular than ever in the UK. However, there are still barriers for rail, especially for international rail, as it becomes more complex, high accreditation costs and the legacy systems for reservations and inventory controls. 

Thomas Drexler at the Business Travel ShowThe market share throughout Europe is dominated with

  • 77% by private car,
  • 9% by coach,
  • 8% by air and,
  • only 6% by rail.
What could change the market share of rail? Basically more open access to railway's content, so that it is available in order for technology providers to connect these journeys and make them available to more travellers.


Connected elements of travel 

Kevin May, a Tnooz editor, moderated an interesting discussion on “hyper-connected elements of travel”, discussing the different types of data that are sent and shared with travellers. What was interesting is that data roaming is affecting the quality and timeliness of travel information to travellers. For example, 15Below would send schedule change information firstly by email, then by SMS, then automated voice message and finally by phone call if there was no response from one of the methods.

As a conclusion of the event, we can ensure that mobile is becoming the major interface for travel content, whether its data exchange on travel products or information about their trip pre-trip, during or post-trip.


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