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[Infographic] Amadeus rail technology: behind the scene

February 09, 2017
Author: Eve-Marie Morgo

Technology and innovation are at the core of Amadeus business, as a proof of it, we invested +€4 billion in R&D since 2004 and are ranked #10 IT company in the world (Forbes 2015-2016). Now, how much do you actually know about the technology behind our systems? Concretely, what does it mean for a railway? Find out here with our rail technology infographic

The rail sector is becoming increasingly competitive and moving towards a fast paced and digital world. Where cars and airlines shared a route with a train, there is now increased competition from bus and coach services, car sharing and on longer routes, low-cost airlines. To stand out, railways must look to adapt and focus on winning the customer. Technology is critical to success

Amadeus RAILyourWAY brings cutting edge technology to railways. With the right solutions in place, rail companies will be able to adjust to market changes faster, save on cost and increase profitability. 

Amadeus Rail Technology Infographic


Save on cost, reduce risk

Hiring software developers, maintaining a data centre or relationships with a data centre, upgrading hardware, keeping up with the constant evolution of software are not the core business of running a railway. We remove all of this headache by offering full Applications as a service (ASP). This includes hosting and management of the hardware and licenses

Our business model allows you to move from fixed to variable IT costs and thus evolves in proportion with your business success. 

Security is a must have in today's complex business environment - that's why put security at the heart of our architecture and comply with EU and industry data processing standards - check out the Amadeus white paper “Safeguarding information systems: A lever for revenue growth” for more details.


Increase profitability

By adjusting in real time the commercial offer to new or unplanned market conditions, railways will take advantage of seasonal events, capture potential customers or manage disruptions in a much better, more efficient way. Here an example of how a rail operator could set up a promotion in a few minutes to respond to a competitive threat with Amadeus RAILyourWAY solutions.

Railway companies can grow their revenue by selling rail ancillary services, such as onboard catering or upselling to first-class. Our flexible solutions improve productivity thanks to automation, guided workflows, graphical UI's and a faster time to market. More revenue associated with improved productivity will drive rail profitability.  


Riding the innovation train is crucial for improving customer experience and increasing rail profitability. Collaborating with specialised IT companies will allow railways to focus on their core business: running rail services and offering customers an enjoyable journey.

Download our technology Infographic: 




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