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China High Speed Railway Summit 2009

September 24, 2009
Author: Eve-Marie Morgo

Today is the start of the 2 day programme taking place in Beijing. It is the 4th annual China High-Speed Railway summit and will bring together more than 200 high level participants from across the globe, including government authorities, railway operators, manufacturers and IT solutions providers. The major developments of High Speed projects in China will be presented to the key players in the rail industry and they will have the chance to discuss, exchange view points and network.

China is a particularly attractive market as it has a rapidly growing high speed network and the government has planned to invest a huge amount of money in the coming years. According to China’s Mid and Long Term Network plan, China is to finish construction of its high speed network linking key cities composed of four north-south lines and four east-west lines by 2020. The total length is to reach 12,500km with most of the lines opening at a speed of 200km/h or above.

The interesting programme will cover China’s crucial projects including the Beijing – Shang High Speed Line and the Guangzhou – Shenzhen Hong Kong Express link.

It will also focus on financial issues such as ‘creating the best way of funds infusion under the current investment upsurge’ and ‘how to drive business forward through Public-Private partnership mode.’

Others issues discussed will be ‘Technology and innovations for tomorrow’s railway transport’ and ‘Ensuring the capacity and frequency of high speed rail dedicated networks.’

Amadeus have two delegates attending this event, Marcos Isaac (Director Travel Services Business Group) and Michelle Allen (Sales and Accounts Manager, Amadeus Rail). Marcos will be speaking about Technology as an innovator for the railway industry and will be on a panel with Michael Schabas - Global Rail Consultant and Senior Advisor to the World Bank  

You will be able to follow the progress of the event as they will be updating our Twitter account with highlights from the speeches so as to keep everybody informed!


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