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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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#4 Complement, cooperate and compete for seamless travel

September 01, 2017
Author: Pierre-Yves Guillaume

Most of your customers are using different transport modes, but offering them a multimodal travel experience is rarely possible. Today, we explore why collaboration is key to uncover the true potential of rail in Asia Pacific. 

Your traveller's expectations

As travel choices proliferate, your passenger's preferences will also change. Today's traveller is expecting to:

  • Make like-for-like comparisons
  • Understand connections
  • Compare costs between different travel options
  • Book all the trip at once 

But how can you, as a travel seller or railway make seamless travel happen? 

As a travel seller, your opportunity lies in giving your travellers the flexibility to create their journey in steps, adding trip elements just before or as they travel. For example adding an airport express train ticket to your customers’ flight, or a hotel room to the trip anytime, anywhere. But the real challenge is making it in a seamless way, like for example providing a seamless payment experience even if the trip includes different journey legs.

Also for railways, there is a huge potential to innovate and provide more personalised travel services, bringing a door-to-door experience closer to reality.

“For historical reasons, our stations are located away from the main urban centres, yet customers expect a door-to-door travel service. The challenge is to create intelligent transport systems by cooperating with bus and local rail networks.” Min Chen, CIO, Taiwan High-Speed Rail Corporation

Seamless travel requires cooperation

As Asia Pacific's travel market is growing, and enjoying a seamless travel experience is a must. But we all know that seamless travel requires governmental cooperation and travel data sharing between railways, airlines, destination services and ground transportation.

Europe is a good cooperation's example to implement in Asia. The All Ways Travelling consortium, formed by major European railways, the European Union and Amadeus, is seeking to create one single platform for multimodal booking and transport information.

Such examples demonstrate that collaboration between industry players is key to overcome today's challenges. Enabling tomorrow's rail traveller to enjoy a seamless travel experience – from search to their final destination. 

“We are seeing some interesting multimodal propositions  in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. It is necessary for more operators to collaborate with other modes of transport – a technological platform for enabling connectivity will be critical.Sim Howe Chai Managing Director, APAC Rail and Transit Industry, Accenture

For more information on rail travel in Asia, download the report: Changing Tracks: Five make-or-break factors to unlock rail travel in Asia Pacific.

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