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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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Is the rail industry ready for the future? World Rail Festival 2017

December 04, 2017
Author: Marta Desviat

We discussed the rail future at the World Rail Festival 2017. Is the rail industry really transforming?  What are the technology trends today, and what will they be tomorrow, and the day after? Read on to discover Antoine de Kerviler's presentation at the event.

Today: APIs

International rail distribution is challenging: the lack of standardization restricts not only the potential for interlining but also for booking rail. For example, it gets technically difficult to book a train journey in Spain from Sydney. That's why APIs are needed. APIs are the window to new ecosystems, allowing to internationalize. They are a necessity if you want to remain competitive. The programmable Web 18.609 APIs are making 2017 the year of the API economy

"We have always provided complete APIs. Not only shopping, booking and ticketing but also after-sales. We are working on a more modern API for web and app developers, including features like a shopping cart." Antoine de Kerviler, Global Head of Rail & Ground Travel, Amadeus

APIs will open new rail distribution channels. They can offer you the flexibility to quickly launch new business models and scale fast.

Tomorrow: Artificial Intelligence

You can now anticipate the future with learning computers, predictive analytics, and machine learning. There are 3 rail industry challenges where artificial intelligence is key:

  • Fighting against cybercrime. A critical area that can cost the world $6 trillion annually. Collaborating with the right partner will help you to combat any fraud. Our Fraud Detection Software uses machine learning to detect any action leading to fraud.
  • Making rail travel accessible to everyoneArtificial Intelligence will help you deliver the right personalized offer, standardize rail information and eliminate any travel barrier. 
  • Connecting rail to the world. We want to make seamless travel possible with initiatives such as Amadeus Virtual Interlining. Using machine learning to connect airlines that don't have code share or interlining agreements. Offering the traveler the best fare and trip combination.


The day after tomorrow: Blockchain

The blockchain trend is still at a very early development stage. However, we have a specialist partners' network to experiment this new technology.

Identity management or loyalty schemes together with blockchain technology could change the way we travel. Download now our innovation foresight paper: ‘Blockchain: harnessing its potential in travel’ to read more about blockchain. 

So, what do today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow got in common? The customer. From developing APIs to making rail travel accessible, these rail technology trends will change the way we travel. But the most important is to listen to your customers. This, combined with the right technology tools will help you to serve them better

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