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Getting to know... Eve-Marie Morgo

September 09, 2015
Author: Marjorie Mariscal

This month we interviewed Eve-Marie Morgo, in charge of rail marketing and communications, based in Nice. She explains how her role contributes to make booking rail easy and why she loves working within this evolving industry. 


Tell us about your role at Amadeus Rail?

My role is to help promote Amadeus Rail to our main stakeholders internally and externally. A big part is to raise awareness about what Amadeus does in and for the Rail industry, and of course to support adoption of our rail products by travel agencies worldwide.

How does your role help make rail booking easier?

By spreading the word about our rail booking and ticketing software I would say. By integrating rail into standard booking tools and flows, we remove the complexity of making a rail reservation. The more rail operators we integrate and the more travel agents use our solutions, the easier it becomes to book rail and sell it like any other transport mode. My role is to get this message across to our many customers and partners!

What has been your most rewarding moment working for Amadeus Rail so far?

There has been a few, for example whenever we launch a new rail operator or a new solution, there is always some excitement about seeing our first bookings materialise. I would also add our customer event, the Rail Forum, which brings together many of our customers and colleagues in a unique forum to discuss key industry topics. It takes many months and a lot of energy to put together and only lasts a couple of days, but it is always worth it!

What excites you about working in the rail industry?

First I really enjoy travelling by train and I’m a big advocate of rail travel, which makes my day-to-day work more meaningful. Like the travel industry in general, it is also quite dynamic and the business landscape is evolving very fast – new lines are being built all the time, new routes are opening all over the world, and of course new technology is being developed to make the overall booking and travel experience a lot smoother. It’s great to be a part of it.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

I haven’t been to many places to visit but I have lived in 2 cities that I really love: London and Montreal. London is amazing, there is always something exciting to do and discover and yet it feels like home to me. As for Montreal, it is just great to be in a big North American city and at the same time so close to natural parks and ski resorts. Both are worth visiting!



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