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Getting to know... Thipphavanh Deovan

May 22, 2015
Author: Marjorie Mariscal

This month we interviewed Thipphavanh Deovan, Sales engineer in the Rail team. She tells us about her position and how it contributes to make rail booking easy. 

t.deovanTell us about your role at Amadeus Rail?

I am a Sales engineer in the Rail division of Amadeus. I provide a technical and functional support to the sales team in the aim of promoting our solutions. On the other hand my job consists of engaging Request for Proposals (RFPs) from railways. For this, I have to understand what their needs and requirements are to propose a suitable solution to them.

This position is really interesting as it implies coordinating different resources, from project management to development teams.

How does your role help make rail booking easier?

My role is definitely to help sell the product. We are here to listen to the customer, understanding their requirements through the events, forums, meetings and workshops. Sometimes it is from their own initiatives, and this is an opportunity for us to listen to them and really catch their needs.


What has been your most rewarding moment working for Amadeus Rail so far?

Two years ago we engaged in RFPs during the summer holidays, so it was a big challenge as not all our resources were available at that period. We really had to push ourselves and work effectively in team to achieve it and we succeeded to work together thought, finish within the deadlines and provide a high-quality work that was well complimented by our customers. Our customer-recognition for our efforts was the most rewarding moment I knew so far.

What excites you about working in the rail industry?

I think that the most exciting part of working in the rail industry comes from the fact that it is evolving, especially in Europe. There is a movement and I am proud of being part and to contribute to this movement.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

I actually have plenty of them! I love diving, so any destination where I can dive will satisfy me. I just come back from Mexico where I could swim with sharks and Manta rays in a beautiful submarine environment.

What’s your favorite app?

I only use one application which is Whatsapp. It is very complete and has replaced my Facebook and Skype accounts. I can stay in touch with my friends, send pictures and so on.


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