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High-Speed rail to go skiing: an upward trend

December 11, 2017
Author: Eve-Marie Morgo

It’s that time of year again when skiers start getting excited about the first white glimpse of the mountain tops. Another winter season starts and it's time to plan the trip. But when it comes to skiing, can the high-speed train compete against air when traveling to the most popular ski destinations?  

Travelling by train to snow destinations: an upward trend

Lots of European skiing destinations are rail accessible and, even though flights are still the most common transport method, the rail popularity increased for the third year in a row. In the UK, the train market share is 2%. If we compare that to the 82% of people who choose to fly, 2% seems quite a small figure but there is definitely an upward trend according to the Rail Statistics EuropeSki Club of Great Britain - Consumer Research Report 2017. 

How did you travel to your ski destination? High-speed rail vs airlines


High-Speed Rail vs airlines for your ski trip? 

The train answers to extra skis baggage expenses on the low-cost carriers. Swiss Airlines is the only airline not charging for ski carriage. Rail passengers don’t have to worry about this extra hassle as there are no luggage weight restrictions.  

Travelling by train can also give the traveler the advantage of 2 extra days on the slopes. Some journeys can be made overnight. However, when flying, 7-nights stay turns into just a 6-day skiing holiday.  

According to l'Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maitrise de l'Energie study, 73% of ski resorts carbon footprint is made up by the journey to get there. The carbon footprint of a plane trip is 8–10 times greater than the equivalent rail journey. If more skiers took the train, the environmental benefits would be considerable.

Rail travel to your winter sport destination

In Europe, there are many rail alternatives to travel to winter sports destinations:

There is a huge potential for rail to gain market share when traveling to ski destinations. Now it's your turn to make your rail content part of the online travel ecosystem. If the consumer can find your train to travel to their favorite ski destination, rail will become a true alternative to air travel.
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