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Mobile technology is transforming the rail customer experience

April 15, 2011
Author: Eve-Marie Morgo
With mobile devices set to have a greater impact on the way generation z or even how the millennial rail traveller searches and books rail travel, it is important to analyse how mobile applications are transforming the future travel experience.
According to the research2guidance's report, the UK holds 8% of the global app downloads market. It is not surprising that travel brands are teaming up with software companies to launch mobile applications, facilitating the whole rail booking experience.

The rail mobile app market 

The new mobile apps generation is here. But how are railways doing in this field? Masabi, the rail ticketing software supplier, recently launched its mobile train ticketing app. It allows users to book tickets and display the ticket on screen as a bar code, so that they can just ‘buy and board’, eliminating any queuing at the station.

Likewise, in Germany, Deutsche Bahn’s iPhone app is set to take rail ticketing even further. The app can validate the ticket based on passenger's position or 2D bar codes. On the other hand, the fare collection is automatically calculated and monthly billed to the customer.

Transforming the rail travel experience

While the main purpose of these rail apps is to transform the rail travel experience, HRG Mobile app promises to transform the entire door-to-door travel journey. It allows you to view all bookings made through HRG, check travel schedules, access loyalty program's information, profile alerts, trip approvals, and departure gate/platform number directly from your mobile phone. 

The trend for air business travellers looking at rail travel as an alternative is growing. As a result, you must rapidly adapt to meet the needs and expectations of the corporate clientele accustomed to travelling by air. This includes providing information on the go, rapid transfer times and progress through the station, the possibility of last minute booking and the ability to change bookings at short notice.

If mobile apps can address these and improve the rail experience accordingly, the number of business rail travellers is surely only set to grow.


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