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IARO Air-Rail conference by Andrew Sharp

June 27, 2009
Author: Andrew Sharp

Hello! My name is Andrew and I am part of IARO, the International Air Rail Organisation. For the next months, I will be an Amadeus guest writer. Today, I will talk about IARO and last week's conference.  

Have you heard about IARO before?

Andrew Sharp. IARO, International Air Rail Organisation.

IARO is the International Air Rail Organisation, with the main mission to bring together people interested in rail connections to airports, to spread good ideas and world best practices.

Our members include railways, airports, airlines, universities and suppliers. We deal with all kinds of air-rail connections – from Airport Expresses; through the regional rail connections; to the metros which are the most numerous examples. 

Keep on reading to hear about one of our latest events, where Amadeus also participated. 


Air-rail Conference in Hamburg

The Hamburg conference brought together delegates from 14 countries. We shared ideas, networked and discuss the future of air-rail. 

Starting with a Hamburg airport tour, and riding on the 6-month-old S-Bahn city rail connection the conference kicked off. The conference continued with a welcome message from Michael Eggenschweiler, CEO, Hamburg Airport, presenting the history of the airport railway connection. Expanding to other parts of Germany, the hot topics where accessibility and airport planning, with the main aim of improving rail passenger satisfaction

A session on reduced mobility passengers provoked a lot of debate. It is a complex issue - made more complex by the different legislative framework on different sides of the Atlantic. As usual at IARO events, we were concerned with the interface. The airlines have good procedures and so do the railways - but what happens on an airport railway?

Next day we held a half-day workshop on managing travel disruption – something of considerable interest to airport railways, whose rail passengers are more sensitive to delays than the average passenger.

If you wish to learn about our next events, visit our website. And stay tuned for my next blog posts. 

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