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The impact of social media on the rail industry

August 31, 2017
Author: Marta Desviat

Social media creates new dynamics between your business and its customers. One customer experience can impact millions of potential new ones. So how can social media add value to your business? Today, we bring you top examples on how travel brands are rocking social media. 

Technology has helped us to be closer than ever to our customers. From using a rail chat bot to sell rail to simplifying the rail booking process with mobile technology.  But how can we make out the most of the social media? The impact of social media on the rail industry:

Twitter: build a stronger customer relationship

Virgin Trains' Twitter account is a great example of a cost effective way to interact with customers. Check their account to discover how easy is to build positive customer dialogue. Twitter cannot be only considered as a communication channel, it is a platform that can also give your brand a high level of personalisation and credibility.

Virgin Trains Twitter Account

Want to take Twitter one step further? Do as Deutsche Bahn does! Create multiple twitter accounts for specific purposes. For example, for press info and for updated schedules information. The right tailored message to the right audience. 

Facebook: promote rail as a viable option

Social media acts as a facilitator, immersing the consumer indirectly in the brand. Customers can learn about your company and its services before even stepping on the train. Irish Rail's Facebook page has done this brilliantly, setting up events and videos for popular rail versus air travel destinations, demonstrating that rail is a great alternative to other transport modes. 
Irish Rail Facebook Page

Instagram: humanise your brand

One of Swiss Airlines’s most innovative ideas is the #FollowMyDay campaign on the Airlines' Instagram account. This campaign follows the crew's day-to-day. Sharing personal pictures during the whole journey. Like today's Swiss Airline's destination? The airline offers a detailed destination planning with things to do and places to visit, followed by a destination's promotional offer. It all starts with a picture and ends up with a sale. 
Swiss Airlines #FollowMyDay Campaign 
Railways are also using Instagram to connect with their customers. SNCF's Instagram account outperforms by bringing the brand closer to the customer. From packing tips to guess to which movie belongs the latest picture posted. 
SNCF on Instagram
Such simple initiatives are helping to humanise your brand, raise awareness and promote new ways to increase your sales. 


Social media has impacted the way railways and consumers interact, improving the overall rail customer experience. Amongst such things as the European rail deregulation, the rise of social media has the potential to create a landmark change in the rail industry's nature.

Now is your turn to take out the most of social media. Learn how to improve the rail purchasing experience and rail customer satisfaction through Social Media. Download now our whitepaper Future Traveller Tribes 2030.

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