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Juggling Rail IT projects in Benelux

July 23, 2015
Author: Philip Martin

Philip Martin interviews Mark Mallants to find out a bit more on the projects ongoing with BeNe, Amadeus and the All Ways Travelling consortium.

How is the rail community IT platform project going with Amadeus?

The project is going very well since we kicked it off in May last year. Even though this is a complex project, the teams have been working well together to keep it running smoothly and the project is 'on track' as we say in the industry.

Actually, its more of a program than a project. As we have multiple projects ongoing, this requires much work to align everyone. For example, we have projects ongoing with SNCF, with Amadeus Development, and our own integration into our distribution system, which we must keep running smoothly while we have all these other projects in hand. This means that we have a lot of dependencies to keep an eye on.

The most significant thing to say, is that the understanding and collaboration between the teams is very good with an open minded spirit, which allows us to take on every hurdle that we come across. We are very happy at this juncture as the project is very much in scope.

When could we expect the first deliverables?

We have 2 projects running together that should be delivered roughly the same time in the first quarter next year. On the one hand, to have go live of TGV content e-ticketing which is a very important new functionality for the Benelux market integrated into our own BeNe distribution system, and on the other hand, we will launch a first version of Amadeus Rail display in the travel agency market, again with the same content of the TGV e-ticketing.




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