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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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#2 Making rail data universally available

July 05, 2017
Author: Pierre-Yves Guillaume
In this new blog post, we will discover the #2 factor to uncover the true potential of rail in Asia Pacific. Keep on reading to understand why it is important to make your data universally available. 

The lack of standardisation not only affects rail bookings and ticketing but also your rail customer's satisfactionFor less frequent and international rail travellers, it can be intimidating to choose rail. The reason? The difficulty of finding and understanding when and where a train runs, and how to buy a ticket

Rail open data for better customer satisfaction

Making real-time rail data open is crucial for satisfying your customer, as this data feeds third-party applications which present travel information in innovative ways, improving rail customer satisfaction. An example of this is that Transport for London has released their data for software companies. 

“The overall trend is to be open and integrated. That is not only about integrating with other providers, but also opening our data to third-parties. Here in Australia, the Stop Announcer App, fed by our real-time open data, helps disabled people to keep track of their location.” Grant Swinbourne, Head of IT, NSW Trains

self-managed travel: a trend in Asia

Across the region, we see a move towards self-managed travel. The problem is that rail is not as searchable and visible as other transport modes. Consequently, sometimes it is not considered as an option for travellers. 

To make rail booking a reality, your rail content should be integrated into Global Distribution Systems. If your rail offer is available through local travel sellers as well as online giants, travellers will consider rail when looking for travel options. 

“We want for rail what we already get for air.  Different channels integration is the dream of every traveller  and travel seller”  Betrand Saillet, General Manager, South East Asia, FCM Travel Solutions  <http://www.fcm.travel/>  Tweet <http://ctt.ec/RctD3>

Opening up and collaborating will secure a true multimodal and multichannel future for rail in Asia.

For more information on rail travel in Asia, download the report: Changing Tracks: Five make-or-break factors to unlock rail travel in Asia Pacific.

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