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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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Better business, smarter managed travel

March 22, 2018
Author: Marta Desviat

Today, we bring you our latest report Better business, Smarter Travel. A collection of perspectives from Amadeus experts, that will help travel agencies and TMCs to respond to today's corporate traveler needs. 

Perspectives on the future of Managed Travel

The report addresses key questions related to corporate travel, it:

  • Analyzes how business travel is evolving and the role of technology
  • Explores important regions such as Asia and Latin America
  • Inspires TMCs and corporations to approach travel programs
  • And lastly, offers new ways to manage corporate travel, focusing on how best to maximize the opportunities ahead.
In this blog post, we summarize three perspectives where rail plays a critical role

Content is king for corporate travel

Travelers want transparency and choice. And that is why travel agencies and TMCs will need to continue to provide all relevant travel options at the lowest possible cost. It is only by bringing all content together that travelers will be able to benefit from the best choice, and flexibility at the booking stage. And in turn enable travel sellers to stay relevant and grow their business by offering seamless travel options.

Corporations and TMCs need to make sure that rail content is available for their business travelers. Rail is often the favorite travel mode for short business trips because it’s a convenient travel option. 

Chatbots and Blockchain changing corporate travel

Adopting today's technology, such as chatbots or blockchain, will give freedom to your traveler.

In one hand, messaging platforms, such as the rail chatbot, can help travelers to book and report expenses all through a simple conversation. For corporations and TMCs, chatbots represent an opportunity to simplify the communication, provide schedules or delay information and deliver personalized recommendations.

On the other hand, blockchain technology will influence corporate travel. In a recent blog post, we explored how blockchain could transform rail travel. And those potential use cases can also apply to business travel. For example, blockchain can enable a smoother trip experience, simplifying passenger's identity management.  

Mobile first in Asia Pacific 

Today, Asia represents more than a third of the world's corporate travel spending and has become the world's most tech-savvy region. However, despite this growth in travel and technology, online travel and expense adoption rates are abysmal.

The Asian traveler expects travel management to be mobile, to have all features available in one single app. It is key to rethink corporate travel and build mobile programs to manage corporate travel in order to conquer the Asian traveler.

Get now a deeper understanding of the future of corporate travel: download now the whitepaper.

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