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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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Outsourcing technology in rail travel vs legacy systems

September 18, 2017
Author: Marta Desviat

European rail's future looks bright: the market is opening up, investments in high-speed rail and infrastructure are increasing, as well as rail travel demand. But in this market, what is the difference between outsourced railway technology and owned legacy systems? 

Rail in pole position

Today, high-speed rail networks' expansion and a greater eco-friendly mindset are making rail the choice for millions of rail passengers. European Commission's whitepaper: Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area, is also placing rail in pole position.

Market's rapid development is forcing us to look at how to maximise these opportunities and overcome the barriers to growth. One area threatening to hold back progress is technology.

Legacy vs innovation: your path to success

When speaking with railways, there is a real interest to get ready for today's growth opportunities: finding the best way to modernize railways systems. But the challenge lies in the economic resources available. Therefore, the discussion needs to be focused on how to limit the impact on capital spending. And this is where outsourcing comes in.

Legacy systems not only prove to be very challenging when trying to adapt quickly to your traveler's demands but also are high in maintenance and development costs. At this time of intense competition, outsourcing your technology can mean the difference between success and failure to meet your customers' expectations. 

Airlines have already benefited from outsourcing

In the past decades, the world’s leading airlines have experienced the outsourcing technology benefits. Managing customers demands and operations on a pay-per-use model. More productivity and revenue have helped them overcome any outsourcing fear, thanks to the latest future-proof rail IT systems

BeNe Rail International has already partnered with us to join the new community IT platform for railways. Now is time for you to learn how outsourcing can help you drive modernisation. Discover more in our whitepaper "Back on Track".

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