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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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Qunar.com tips to boost international rail demand in China

Posted by Marta Desviat on November 14, 2017

Qunar.com is China’s first online travel agency. During the Amadeus Rail Innovation Forum, we spoke to Amy Wei, Rail International Business General Manager, to discuss the potential of selling international rail in Asia.

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Bleisure travel: it's time to inspire your travelers

Posted by Marta Desviat on November 06, 2017

Bleisure travel has been cited as an emerging trend for years. During the Amadeus Rail Innovation Forum, we explored the bleisure travel opportunity for the rail industry. Who are the travelers that are predisposed to combine work with some days off? How can you inspire them to book rail?

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Accessibility in rail travel: is it an easy road?

Posted by Marta Desviat on November 03, 2017

According to the World Health Organization, 15% of the total world population lives with some disability type. Providing a satisfactory trip experience to travelers with accessibility needs is still a challenge nowadays. Our latest study, 'Voyage of discovery' will show you how. 

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#5 easy payments to unlock rail travel in Asia Pacific

Posted by Pierre-Yves Guillaume on October 09, 2017

Can new payment methods help you to reach rail customers in Asia Pacific? Today we bring you the last factor: making payments easy to unlock the true potential of rail in the region

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Rail booking solutions from Sydney: getting to know Ivan Kladnig

Posted by Marta Desviat on October 06, 2017

From Madrid to Sydney, today we interview an Amadeus Rail team member based in Australia, Ivan Kladnig, Sales and Account Manager. Read on to get to know his view on the rail industry and how his work does contribute to making booking rail easier.  

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Outsourcing technology in rail travel vs legacy systems

Posted by Marta Desviat on September 18, 2017

European rail's future looks bright: the market is opening up, investments in high-speed rail and infrastructure are increasing, as well as rail travel demand. But in this market, what is the difference between outsourced railway technology and owned legacy systems? 

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The bleisure opportunity for the rail industry

Posted by Marta Desviat on September 11, 2017

Is bleisure travel an opportunity for the rail industry? Is it still a trend? During the Amadeus Rail Innovation Forum 2017, the Guild of European Business Travel Agents, GEBTA gave us some good insights on this trend. Read on to discover the analysis that Mirja Sickel presented on behalf of GEBTA's Director, Marcel Forns .  

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#4 Complement, cooperate and compete for seamless travel

Posted by Pierre-Yves Guillaume on September 01, 2017

Most of your customers are using different transport modes, but offering them a multimodal travel experience is rarely possible. Today, we explore why collaboration is key to uncover the true potential of rail in Asia Pacific. 

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The impact of social media on the rail industry

Posted by Marta Desviat on August 31, 2017

Social media creates new dynamics between your business and its customers. One customer experience can impact millions of potential new ones. So how can social media add value to your business? Today, we bring you top examples on how travel brands are rocking social media. 

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#3 Mobile: a must in rail travel

Posted by Pierre-Yves Guillaume on August 08, 2017
With more than 4 billion mobile connections,  Asia Pacific is the world's most tech-savvy region. Keep on reading to understand  why mobile is important for your rail traveller in order to uncover the true potential of rail in Asia Pacific .

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