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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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3 tips to prepare for rail deregulation: Innotren Conference

February 13, 2018
Author: Marta Desviat

Madrid hosted last week the Innotren conference to discuss the 2020 rail liberalization horizon and how innovation in rail travel will bring a more competitive advantage to the industry. We bring you the event's highlights. 

Why DO we need a 4th rail package?

The conference started discussing why the 4th rail package is needed:

Rail liberalization: looking at other countries and industries 

Now that we are approaching 2020, it is common to look for best practice examples: 

Are there some operational similarities with the airline industry? As we have seen with Trans Metropolitan at the Amadeus Rail Forum, airlines can run a more profitable business. For example, Madrid’s airport has 355 aircraft parking spaces and Madrid central station has only 15 platforms. Planes fly to many destinations in only one day, a train can only operate in a certain route or region.  

Can we learn from other European countries? There are positive examples of rail liberalization we can all learn from, such as Italy or the Czech Republic. And the negative side of passenger rail deregulation, like in the UK,  where a too complex license management has impacted the country's rail modernization and thus, increased the average rail ticket price. 

European rail deregulation: THE REGULATOR VIEW

During the event, Spain's new rail operator Ilsa presented the 3 positive effects of passenger rail deregulation:

  1. Competition generates country's wealth
  2. Competition will drop rail ticket prices down 
  3. Competition will increase the rail travel demand 

Even national operators such as RENFE, find competition good. We just need to make sure we are all working together towards the same goal: making rail travel a more attractive option.

Amadeus tips to rock the rail horizon 2020

2020 European rail deregulation is just around the corner, no matter if you are a new entrant or a national railway, there are 3 tips you must follow to attract travelers to European rail travel:  

  • Having a customer-focused strategy is key to stand out from the competition. We understand that customers' needs are changing, and so is our adaptable technology. 
  • Collaboration between railways and airlines is important to improve the quality and services frequency. Success lies in using the right tools to bring the offer wherever the customer is.
  • Integrating rail in the travel ecosystem, giving travelers the capability to book rail with other transport modes. This level of integration will help conquer the consumer. 

The rail market has an uncovered potential. We are here to help you to connect with your travelers and position your rail offer. How prepared are you for 2020? Download now our whitepaper the Rail Journey to 2020

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