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Rail booking solutions from Sydney: getting to know Ivan Kladnig

October 06, 2017
Author: Marta Desviat

From Madrid to Sydney, today we interview an Amadeus Rail team member based in Australia, Ivan Kladnig, Sales and Account Manager. Read on to get to know his view on the rail industry and how his work does contribute to making booking rail easier.  


What’s your role at Amadeus Rail?

I see my role at Amadeus as one of assisting our railway customers to more effectively and efficiently run their business. That means trying to better understand railways needs and to propose rail solutions that really add value to their business. The happier our customers, the better I feel.


How does your role help make booking rail easier?

The innovation that we can bring to the rail market is truly second to none. We have the knowledge and ability to help change the rail industry and to really make booking rail as easy as it can be.


What was the most rewarding moment of working for Amadeus Rail?

My most rewarding moment was having a customer select us as their partner of choice in helping to transform their rail business travel.


What excites you about working in the rail industry?

This is an industry undergoing transformational change. It’s a traditional industry really starting to embrace the rail digitalisation. There’s lots of excitement surrounding these changes.


If you had the opportunity to go on an all-expense paid holiday where would you go and how would you spend it?

Not sure if this would qualify as a holiday for some people, but a guided trip to the top of Mt Everest. The view from the top of the world would be amazing!


What’s your favourite travel destination?

My family is Italian, so Italy certainly holds a place in my heart and stomach – pizza, pasta, gelato, espresso, etc!

Would you like to get to know other team members? 

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