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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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Understanding the rail customer experience: FUTURE TRAVELLER TRIBES

September 25, 2015
Author: Philip Martin

The Amadeus backed study Future Traveller Tribes has continued to make waves across the travel industry, creating discussion and looking at the travellers of tomorrow in a different perspective. We asked Decius Valmorbida, VP, Distribution for Amadeus IT Group SA if he could elaborate the study further, from a railway’s perspective. Read on to discover how this study could help railways to shape the future of travel. 


What's the main message of the future traveller tribes 2030 study? 

Segmenting customers using variables such age and usage are passed. We really need to get into the customers' physiology, understanding their patterns and their behaviours, and that’s what’s going to give us the opportunity to really go the extra mile, and surprise and inspire the customer. I think that that’s the main message of the study.


What can railways learn from the Tribes that could be useful for the future?

The communication to the different tribes plays a special role. When building the company brand, we are typically thinking about the values that we stand for, as reliability, stability, safety, and security. But the reality is, that people are making a decision when it comes to means of transport having in mind different values that our own brand values, or at least the ones we want to communicate. 

The importance lies in defining which is going to be the message and how to tailor those messages to the different channels. With new technologies, there is a lot of competition that railways are facing and we may actually have very little time to make a good impression, maybe 10 seconds, or even less, so it has to be a very targeted message, inspiring the customer before the journey starts and telling exactly what he wants to hear. The tribes are helping railways and the whole travel ecosystem to identify their customers and to better approach them. 


What tribe do you belong to?

My personal tribe is the reward hunter, I think that it describes the achiever, those people that are working hard every week and feel that whenever they have the opportunity they can indulge themselves. I enjoy on the possibility of giving myself a reward to reenergise, as travelling. 


Future Traveller Tribes 2030, presented at the Amadeus Rail Forum 2015:

Watch Decius Valmorbida presenting the findings of the report Future Traveller Tribes 2030:



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