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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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How moving to open systems will benefit railways

April 23, 2018
Author: Marta Desviat

The rail renaissance is clearly underway: 2016 ended up with over 26 billion rail passengers worldwide. In this context, we spoke to Antoine de Kerviler, to know how Amadeus can help railways to make rail travel the preferred travel option in the future.

Modular technology to adapt to the future

Passenger rail deregulation, travelers' needs, market evolution... How can Amadeus technology help railways to adapt to the future and keep pace with all these challenges? 

Our modular and flexible RAILyourWAY architecture adapts to railway's needs and supports rail merchandising. The different modules are API connected, helping railways to modernize, change their rail inventory, pricing or reservation systems, sell other railways from their own website or connect to our travel sellers' network. 

"We are working towards personalization, to recognize who and where the customer is. Customers expect specific responses according to the context, and railways should be capable to anticipate customers' needs based on location and past behavior."

Rail open source technology

APIs can open the door to new rail distribution channelsOur rail technology is API-based, which means that we are constantly responding and evolving to the needs of the future. How will Amadeus’ move to open systems benefit railways?

As a cloud software for rail companies provider, our move to open systems will improve the speed of deliveries. Our customers will be able to self-provision the solution in a matter of days. Self-provisioning is challenging. It does require many parameters settings, and the differences between railways' fares add complexity to our business. 

"Our goal is to deliver 'serviceable' solutions, where the travel agency or the railway could set the parameters themselves. They would go online and say, I am a travel agency and I want to open an account. Thanks to open systems they will be able to start booking rail travel in a much faster way."

The future of Amadeus Rail

For Antoine, three factors will help make rail the travelers' preferred option:
Firstly, continue building the Rail GDS to make railways products accessible through many different channels, on any device, at any time. Second, foster innovation in rail to help railways and travel sellers serve their customers better. Lastly, further develop our rail API to standardize the industry and make railways' products available worldwide.

As a conclusion, our technology recognizes that no traveler is the same, but all of them are important. The right technology partner will help you to respond to the different traveler needs, offering you: 
  • Flexibility to anticipate and react to market changes in real-time
  • Time-to-market to update your rail offer according to market demand and competition
  • Personalization to customize offers, enhance your revenues and attract new customers

Watch now how the RAILyourWAY future will look like


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