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Rail in Scandinavia, ready for lift off!

March 21, 2017
Author: Per Scherdin

Rail is very important for the Swedish corporate market and was a natural part of the Amadeus offer with SJ (Statens Järnvägar) right from the beginning of Amadeus existenceNow with the launch of Rail Display, we’re taking rail to another level. Concretely, what does it mean for a railway, and what is the role of Amadeus local teams when a new solution is launched? 

Rail integrated into the travel booking process

Thanks to the Amadeus Rail Sales Platform, rail is integrated into the core of the travel agencies' business. It allows travellers and travel professionals to book rail from one single source available through multiple sales channel. Travel agencies can book rail using the same travel processes as air or hotel etc. Railways know that this is now an opportunity for travel agencies to book more rail as a complement to other travel products.
"Not having to switch to another application when a customer asks for a rail booking is a big bonus for both the travel agency and the railway."

Rail is a natural choice for corporations and this integration makes the booking available via the travel agencies normal workflow, regardless if the booking is made offline by travel professionals or online by the travellers.


The value of the travel agency channel: interview with SJ and MTR Express 



Global reach, local expertise: a marketing arm for railways

Our local Amadeus people will help serve travel agencies in the market daily through our different services by:

  • Bringing local expertise on how the market, rail products and services are set up; 
  • Identifying the right distribution channels; 
  • Ensuring that travel sellers can get the best out of the solutions to increase revenues; 
  • Helping to promote international rail sales.
In effect, we are a marketing arm for railwaysTo make the solution effective over time we will continue to help evolution by identifying the market needs.
The roll-out of Rail Display will follow a couple of phases. During the first one, a number of selected agencies in the market are offered webinars, training and educational meetings to explain the benefits of the solution. Our target is to migrate travel agencies progressively across much of 2017.

What NEXT? Welcome International sales

Alongside the Amadeus vision of a global rail solution, railways can now look further afield to target international sales.

"Once a railway is integrated into Rail Display they can now consider being sold in other markets, tapping into new customer segments. Travellers will see more choice at their travel agency." 

The Amadeus merchant model accelerates the deployment across new markets and reduces the effort to manage points of sale and currency. SJ, MTR and Samtrafiken which are now available through Rail Display can turn to build their international sales strategy with more clarity.







Per Scherdin 

Director Portfolio and Marketing at Amadeus IT Group – Scandinavia



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