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Rail travel with generation z: 4 must-do's to attract them

May 04, 2017
Author: Marta Desviat

Rail booking continues to evolve as consumers and generations drive trends in the way they search and book rail travel  — expecting faster, accurate, relevant and bookable results. Recently we spoke about millennial rail travellers and how they book rail travel, today we talk about the youngest generation, Generation Z.

Generation Z, those who are born after 1995, are becoming a focus for both travel sellers and railways: they will be their future customers.

According to a recent study from Egencia, Multi-Generational Travel Trendsthey have examined Generation Z attitudes toward travel, highlighting: 

  • Generation Z after baby boomers are the next big fans of rail
  • Generation Z purchase behaviours are based on pictures, video and social media. It's time now for Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest!

Recently we had the chance to interview two young Generation Z travellers, Olivier Leurink and Maas Cornelis Wassenaar, from the Revius Lyceum Doorn School, Netherlands. Keep on reading to understand how this generation gets inspired, plans and how they book rail travel. 

Generation Z needs inspiration 

When it comes to planning a leisure trip, travellers need inspiration, and that's where Rail needs to be at the forefront of where the traveller is looking when planning a trip.

Amadeus Generation Z

How do you inspire yourself when planning your next trip? 

When going on vacation, the planning and coming up with ideas will be the thing that most time is spent on. When I need to get inspiration, the first thing I do is talk with friends or family about the places they went to. Also, I would use Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat to get inspiration. For me, this works very well but I still value the friends and family's opinion more than the social media photos and articles.

How do you go about booking the trip?

The first thing I do when booking a trip is using a comparison site (via our mobile phone because that’s basic instinct) such as Kayak or SkyScanner. There I can see all the different deals and which one is best priced and most suitable. Booking these trips is now easier than ever and it has come to the point where you don’t need more than 5 minutes to book a 2 week holiday. It becomes even easier with chatbots since they can book your entire trip for you.

What do you expect from the perfect trip?

My perfect trip would definitely be by train due to the fact that it is more comfortable, more convenient and there is no need to check-in and arrive some hours in advance. I would also expect to have onboard entertainment, especially during long trips. Wi-Fi is a must have on every trip, even if it is only one hour. Another reason I prefer to take a train is that the food is a lot fresher and usually cheaper than it is on a plane, which is definitely a bonus.



So to attract Generation Z, you must: 

  1. Be on social media channels - social media will become the most utilised tool to gather ideas and travel inspiration. 
  2. Be on comparison websites -  they are used more and more by young travellers, due to the convenience of being able to compare from flights to hotels prices.
  3. Promote the travel experience- young travellers prefer to travel by train simply because it is more comfortable and convenient than taking a flight. 
  4. Offer onboard Wi-Fi and entertainment - both are must-have and of high importance in the decision-making process. 

To sum up, Generation Z expects a fast and seamless experience, where they do not have to worry about anything, can sit back and enjoy the journey in comfort.

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