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Rethinking your Rail IT strategy

November 18, 2014
Author: Eve-Marie Morgo

The Amadeus Rail team has recently returned from Brussels following this year’s Rail Revenue Europe event. Now in its fourth year, and firmly established as a highlight of the Rail industry calendar, the event drew many of Europe’s leading rail operators to explore new ways to optimise ticketing, distribution and revenue management and to attract new passengers and grow market share.

Thomas Drexler, Director of Amadeus Rail and Ground Travel, was on stage on Day 2 presenting a keynote on ‘Rethinking your IT strategy’. Addressing a packed room, Tom shared insights about our partnership with BeNe Rail and explained what the rail community model really is about:

  • A third-party IT expert develops and hosts applications for several rail companies to share
  • All members to benefit from synergies and scale economies
  • All members have access to the same levels of functionality, even though customized modules outside community can easily be added
  • Enables continuous innovation unachievable alone 

After further elaborating on the business challenges BeNe Rail is currently facing, Tom explained how, over the next years, the key modules of Amadeus Total Rail will be completed and the step-by-step migration of BeNe Rail to the community platform.

To conclude, Tom summarised the expected benefits for BeNe Rail from outsourcing into Amadeus’ Rail IT community:

Increased revenues
Closer integration with air travel schedules to improve competition and simplify collaboration
More effective competition with car and bus
Better connection to pan-European rail market and other travel services
Decreased costs
Lower average fee per segment booked
Improved ratio of fixed vs. variable costs
Improved operational performance
Better inventory management
Simpler, more transparent processes
Improved customer satisfaction
Better availability, stability and performance
Continuous innovation to meet customer expectations

You can view a copy of Tom’s presentation here.




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