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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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Amadeus Rail Blog

Rail travel: what's in it for a travel seller in Latin america?

Posted by Marta Desviat on November 05, 2018

Why would a travel agency in Latin America be interested in selling European train tickets?  Today, we talk to Ignacio Mujica, Director at Trenes Latinoamérica, a travel seller in Latin America who has a vision: sharing his passion for rail travel with his customers. 

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Carbon footprint: where does rail travel stand?

Posted by Eve-Marie Morgo on July 23, 2018

Traveling comes with a substantial carbon footprint. We produce emissions from the time of booking to arriving at our destination. Can carbon reporting help drive more demand rail travel? 

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High-Speed rail to go skiing: an upward trend

Posted by Eve-Marie Morgo on December 11, 2017

It’s that time of year again when skiers start getting excited about the first white glimpse of the mountain tops. Another winter season starts and it's time to plan the trip. But when it comes to skiing, can the high-speed train compete against air when traveling to the most popular ski destinations?  

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The High speed rail network takes off in China

Posted by Eve-Marie Morgo on February 19, 2014

By 2050, Europe will count with a complete European high-speed rail network, tripling the current track's length. By then, rail will cover medium distance trips! It looks like a long way to go, but still there a great rail developments happening today: not only in Europe but in Asia. Is time to talk about China.

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High-speed rail in the UK

Posted by Eve-Marie Morgo on January 22, 2014

With the UK announcing that its economy grew by just 0.2%, high-speed tens of billion costs are being questioned. The Economics Affair Committee's recent report announced that the high-speed link (HS2) between London and Birmingham, t will require a £1,000 contribution per income taxpayer.

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High-Speed rail vs low cost carriers.

Posted by Philip Martin on October 21, 2013

Last month there was much buzz around low-cost carriers (as newly formed airline HOP! An Air France-KLM subsidiary is positioning itself), putting forward a new challenge towards high-speed rail.

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European High-speed rail: the success of a city

Posted by Katrin Heintschel on May 21, 2013

Last week I was invited as a speaker to the 'Latest Trends and Innovations in Tourismseminar series at MODUL University Vienna where I shared with students  ‘How European high-speed rail will change the future of rail passengers'.

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UIC’s 8th high-speed rail congress

Posted by Eve-Marie Morgo on September 22, 2012

From July 10th to July 13th, Amadeus Rail attended the UIC’s 8th World Congress on High-Speed Rail in Philadelphia. Thomas Drexler, Global Head of Amadeus Rail presented “Making rail travellers into customers”. Take a look at this presentation now. 

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High-speed rail developments in China

Posted by Eve-Marie Morgo on July 09, 2012

Last month, China funded a $13B project, completing 1000km of new tracks. An impressive milestone for China, need to adapt to the global marketplace. However, China isn’t funding this project domestically; it’s funding a project entirely based on another country, neighbouring Kazakhstan. Today, we analyse the key facts of high-speed rail developments in China

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2012: the year of high-speed rail

Posted by Eve-Marie Morgo on January 23, 2012

After a year of turbulence for rail projects, 2012 has kicked off with progress around the global development of high-speed rail. Let's take a look at some of the biggest and most influential upcoming rail projects.

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