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    Three railway segments have evolved with a focus on new business, competition and demands from the traveller, each of them, with a different goal. 

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11 travel technology trends IMPACTING railways’ distribution strategies

December 15, 2014
Author: Katrin Heintschel

All over the world railways are adapting their strategies to become more customer centric. Competition from bus companies, low cost carriers and car sharing is stronger than ever, and in liberalized markets new entrants are challenging national railways.

We can already see great examples on how railways meet the customers’ demand in providing easier booking processes, on-board services or easy to use mobile solutions. With many new technologies being available this opens numerous opportunities for transport providers to attract new customers, win their loyalty and make rail travel a better experience.

So which are the technology trends that are really relevant to railways and how do they impact distribution strategies? What does the traveller really want and what should railways keep in mind when choosing new ways of getting closer to their passengers?

We made a deep dive into several travel technology trends out there and selected what we believe to be the most relevant ones for railways, and analysing what they really mean for business. Some of those trends have been talked about a lot, some are yet to really take off, but all of them are important to consider when trying to make rail travellers happier:

  1. Mobile-centric web: mobile is becoming the primary platform for travel
  2. App-mania: mobile travel activity will become increasingly app focused
  3. Instant messaging craze: WeChat overtaking social media in Asia
  4. Multi device: hyper-connected travellers
  5. Cross-channel: anytime, anywhere, any channel
  6. Omni-channel: Connected TV/Watch and Google Glass to be included in retailers’ cross channel strategy
  7. Sharing economy: sharing instead of owning
  8. Photos and videos: travellers want a well-informed idea of the trip experience
  9. Meta search & predictive search: the key to travel distribution is search
  10. Multi-modal & one-stop-shop: shop and book in one place
  11. New payment methods: payment on the go

Find additional information on those trends and a recommendation what steps to take in our presentation:



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