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Rail Display, a step in the right direction for Voyages-SNCF

November 23, 2015
Author: Eve-Marie Morgo

As Amadeus continues to deploy Rail Display across Europe for travel agency rail bookings systems, we took some time out of the busy Rail Forum to interview Julien Nicolas, Director Europe, Voyages-SNCF.com, who are partnering with us to make booking rail easy.

This is your first time at the Amadeus rail forum, why did you decide to attend?

Firstly, Amadeus is a strong partner of voyages-sncf.com in Europe, the main reason why it is important for me to attend the forum. Secondly, technology is moving faster than ever, so it’s a means to catch the last train in terms of technology for rail distribution. Finally, it’s a good place to meet other actors in rail distribution in a good location, Barcelona.

You’ve been deploying rail display across Europe what feedback are you getting from travel agencies?

The feedback is very positive, its easy to use, with lower training time, its closer to the internet tools standard, so I can sum this up with it’s a good step in the right direction, it will be helpful for our business.

What value does the travel agency channel bring you?

As you know we have a strong direct channel, but our strategy relies on two pillars, direct channel and indirect channels, the travel agents bring us added value on expertise, knowledge of the local market in order to reach new customers and in travel management, we are going to continue to work hard with travel agents.



With more features added to Rail Display it's becoming the favourite choice for Travel Agents to book rail across Europe. The real advantage for this product, is not just the access to full content of the major railways in Europe or that everything is combined in one PNR, but the exceptional back and mid office integration, that helps improves productivity by up to 90% when booking rail for travel agencies.


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