• Customer Eurostar

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    Eurostar met with a lot of other suppliers but it is fair to say that Amadeus demonstrated that they understood the business, the OTAs and the rail industry best.

    DARREN WILLIAMS Head of Global Sales at Eurostar

  • Customer Bene Rail International

    Our happy customers

    With Amadeus Rail IT platform, our growing community of customers will be able to rely on even better performance and faster time to market, and to satisfy their travellers more. 

    CEO BeNe Rail International

  • Customer Key Travel

    Our happy customers

    Amadeus Rail Display has reduced our booking times by over a half. A very intuitive and easy tool to use.

    ANGELA ISHERWOODSenior Product Manager, Key Travel

  • Customer SJ

    Our happy customers

    We value Amadeus willingness to invest in the customer, to invest in innovation and also to be very close to us as their customer

    Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at SJ Group

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