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Amadeus Total Rail Forum final day round-up

November 17, 2010
Author: Eve-Marie Morgo

The gala dinner last night was a great success. Following the heavy rains and flooding of our original dining room at the Hotel Negresco, we found ourselves situated in the stunning Royal Lounge surrounded by historical paintings, artwork and architecture. The music quiz, which saw delegates singing, shouting and translating the answers, allowed us to raise 1,700EUR for MASSIVEGOOD, which is a great achievement. Thanks to all who took part with such gusto.

Today was the second and final day of this year’s Amadeus Total Rail Customer Forum, and we wrapped up with another productive and insightful day. Following an introduction and overview of yesterday’s sessions from Diane Bouzebiba, we heard from our gold sponsors Rail Europe about its international distribution strategy. This was followed by Mickael Varga from the European Railway Agency who talked us through the intricacies of standards in European travel and the imminent arrival of TAP-TSI next year.

Vincent Lextrait, head of development from Amadeus spoke next on the future of travel and what impact the shift to online is having on the sector and technology development. The next two presentations were from the TMC perspective, with Tony Berry from HRG and Christophe Etchegaray from American Express both addressing what TMCs want and need from railway companies.

The morning session ended with another lively panel debate which continued the debate on standards and raised questions on issues such as ancillary services and how we can all be working together to bring more travellers to rail.

The workshop conclusions provided us with plenty of food for thought and we look forward to developing the findings and working with you over the next year on a number of important issues and points raised.

We’ve gained some incredibly valuable insights from this year’s Forum, and we hope that everyone who attended has too. The next challenge is to focus on how to make the rail industry a success, and we’re already looking ahead to the next Amadeus Total Rail Customer Forum for ideas on how to continue to do so.

Finally, we want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who attended the Forum, and who showed such enthusiasm for the rail sector – it’s clear to us at Amadeus Rail that the industry is ready to get to tackle head on the issues facing it in this age of rapid modernisation and deregulation.


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