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    Changing Tracks: Unlocking rail travel in Asia Pacific

    What can rail operators across Asia Pacific do to uncover the true potential of rail?


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Whitepaper Changing tracks

Changing tracks: unlocking rail travel in asia pacific

Given all of the ongoing interest and investment, the future looks bright for rail operators across Asia Pacific. We have identified five make-or-break factors for rail travel in Asia Pacific to uncover the true potential of rail. 


Reinventing Rail in Europe: The battle for the customer

The Battle for the Customer will ask how rail can strengthen customer focus and look to other industries for best practices in terms of the strategies and mindsets that drive change. 



whitepaper Future traveller tribes

Future Traveller tribes 2030: Building a rewarding journey

This report seeks to bring the traveller tribes and the travel experience together to help travel providers sell their services more effectively and meet the unique needs of the six tribes we have identified by mapping their behaviours along with appropriate merchandising options. 


online travel 2020

The study highlights the future trends and drivers affecting the evolution of online travel players. With the definition of different evolving scenarios and the rights tools in place, will lead to online travel players to success. 



Whitepaper Future Traveller Tribes 2030

Future Traveller Tribes 2030

By 2030 more than 1.8 billion of us will travel internationally every year.

What motivates us and how we behave will be radically different to today? 

Whitepaper Cleared for take off

Cleared for take-off

Strategies in Lean IT and how they’re relevant to the travel business. The report examines the principles and origins of lean and shows how they can be applied to IT and operations within the travel industry.



Whitepaper Shaping the Future of Travel

Shaping the Future of Travel

Macro trends driving industry growth over the next decade. Amadeus has commissioned Oxford Economics to undertake a study exploring the trends shaping the future of travel.

Whitepaper At the Big Data Crossroads

At the Big Data Crossroads

Major global study reveals how big data will transform rail travel.  The study reveals how rail travel could be transformed by big data. 



Whitepaper The Rail Journey to 2020

The Rail Journey to 2020

Facts, figures and trends that will define the future of European passenger rail. The most extensive report to date on the European Rail industry which aims to inform the debate on how seamless cross-border rail services across Europe can become a reality.

Whitepaper Open for business

Open for business

The value of Open Source Software in transaction processing. Open Source systems are making significant inroads into enterprise and critical computing systems. This shift to Open Source systems is heralding nothing short of a revolution in the IT industry.



Whitepaper Empowering Inspiration:  The future of Travel Search

Empowering Inspiration: The future of travel search

A recent study commissioned by Amadeus about how consumers will search for travel in the future reveals travellers’ pain points and future motivations when planning and booking for travel online.

Whitepaper Back on Track

Back on Track

Supporting the development of a 21st century rail network. The report aims to help the rail industry understand how outsourcing can help drive modernisation.



Whitepaper The Changing Face of Rail Travel

The Changing Face of Rail Travel

Deregulation will increase competition between rail companies and on routes – and new entrants to market might adopt previously-unseen business models.



Whitepaper Cross Sell Your Way To profit

Cross-Sell Your Way to Profit

How travel suppliers sre using third-party ancillary services to drive new revenues and enhance their traveler’s experience?


Whitepaper Managed Tavel

Managed Travel 3.0

If technology is a creator of experience, then managed travel is most definitely an instrument of change. The Internet more than anything else has changed the face of managed travel and with it the expectations of the new connected and expectant business traveller.