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The rail sector is becoming increasingly competitive and moving towards a fast paced and digital world. Where cars and airlines shared a route with a train, there is now increased competition from bus and coach services, car sharing and on longer routes, low cost airlines. To stand out, railways must look to adapt and focus on winning the customer.

We believe technology is critical to success.

Amadeus RAILyourWAY is a suite of flexible, modular and future-proof technology that helps your railway monitor and manage operational risks in real time and sell your tickets through any distribution channel.

We bring you 21st century rail technology so you can focus on your core business – running rail services.

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Given all of the ongoing interest and investment, the future looks bright for rail operators across Asia Pacific. We have identified five make-or-break factors for rail travel in Asia Pacific to uncover the true potential of rail. 


Rail customer satisfaction


Railways are in need of efficient systems in order to capture customer data to offer personalised and predictive options to their travellers. Done right, rail technology raises productivity, cuts costs, and gives the whole customer experience a new sense of ease.

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Commercial agility: The Next Step in Rail Profitability

Rail pricing strategy requires instant time to market to maximise revenue.  However, many rail companies are still reliant on legacy systems that are not able to implement  operational changes as quickly as their commercial strategies demand.

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