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    With high levels of fixed costs such as infrastructure charges and rolling stock maintenance,achieving profitability is a challenging task for a railway. Rail operators continually need to think how to reduce inefficiency, and more importantly, how to increase their profitability.

    This is where the important role of innovation through technology comes in.

    Legacy vs Innovation

    The majority of rail companies are still dependent on legacy systems, which makes it hard to focus on innovation and raises the question of how they can organise their data and identify passenger needs.  The industry needs a new approach to sell more effectively and build capabilities to respond quickly to customer demand.


    RAIL Technology: the difference between success and failure

    Legacy systems do not allow organisations to adapt as quickly as the commercial environment demands, and they cost a lot of money to develop and maintain. At a time of intense competition and market upheaval, this can mean the difference between success and failure.

    Yet, how to modernise in a straitened economic environment? 

    The answer lies as much in limiting the impact on capital expenditure as in looking into the technology options available.


    A Shortcut to innovation

    Partnerships bring the necessary skills to anticipate new shifts in customer behaviour and continuously fine-tune the customer interaction. Collaborating with specialised IT companies will secure scalability, raise productivity and flexibility, cut costs, and allow rail operators to focus on their core business: running rail services

    Through IT partnerships, railways will find new, more coherent ways of developing and deploying technology innovations that can compress time and complexity – benefiting both their operations and the rail passenger. 


    Amadeus Inventory ands Seats


    Amadeus Rail builds scalable, adaptable and modular technology solutions to help you manage your rail offer to improve your profitability.

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