• Amadeus Rail Technology supports the digital transformation of the railway sector

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    Our technology supports the digital transformation of the railway sector

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Welcome to 21st century rail technology!

The rail sector is going through a period of significant change: increasing customer expectations and digital transformation are driving technology innovation, leading to a new competitive landscape.

Amadeus Rail is at the heart of this transformation by delivering passenger rail technology solutions that connect railways' systems together and with the rest of the travel industry.



Our technology solutions are flexible, modular and future-proof, it’s RAILyourWAY.

With RAILyourWAY, railways can modernise, change parts or their entire inventory, pricing or reservation systems, sell other rail operators from their own website and connect to major travel websites or traditional travel agencies both domestically and abroad. The RAILyourWAY architecture is based on a modular and flexible approach that adapts to railway's needs and supports merchandising. 

We also bring to travel agencies the most extensive rail content – over 90 railways worldwide – and make it simple to book rail like any other travel product, with standard processes and tools.

More than 90 Railways


More than 200 rail experts in the team

TEAM200+Rail experts

More than 67 million transactions


In  more than 170 countries



Flexible, modular technology to enhance your profitability

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Competition and new players are disrupting business models. Rail companies responding with commercial agility, personalised products and omni-channel sales strategies will be able to provide the right price at the right time to the right passenger.

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Turning Rail Passengers into customers

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