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Whitepaper at the big data crossroads
How rail travel could be transformed by big data?

Rail operators, travel agencies, and other travel providers are unlocking the power of big data to dramatically improve products and services, thereby enhancing their competitive position and benefitting customers.

Senior executives at more than twenty travel providers – including Eurostar and KAYAK – have contributed to the study, providing operational and technical insights about big data adoption.

Rail travel is set to become safer, more efficient, and tailored, thanks to the big data revolution.

The challenge for rail firms now is to develop an effective big data strategy. Download the whitepaper now and discover:

  • Big Data’s Moving Parts
  • The Benefits of Big Data in Travel
  • The Big Data Challenges for the Travel Industry
  • Big Data Usage and Possibilities in Travel Industry Processes 
  • Recommendations for you to use Big Data in your daily business


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