• Whitepaper Future traveller tribes 2020

    Future Traveller
    Tribes 2030

    Building a more rewarding journey

    Practical advice to better understand, prepare for, and cater to emerging traveller segments.


Whitepaper Future traveller tribes 2020

Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Building a more rewarding journey, outlines how airlines and their complementary service providers can better serve traveller needs in the future through effective merchandising strategies, in a world where travellers are defined not by their demographic segment, but by their purchasing behaviours and motivations.

The paper outlines how the traveller journey itself will change by 2030, thanks to

  • more effective use of traveller data
  • new technologies
  • a widening range of sales channels

The research highlights essential areas for greater collaboration with travel management intermediaries and suppliers to deliver a more rewarding journey for both the traveller and the industry.

Indeed, whether you are considering questions such as ‘what level of personalisation should we offer?’ or ‘how can we improve the rail purchasing experience?’ this paper provides a comprehensive framework to support your strategic planning.


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