• Whitepaper Cross-sell your way to profit

    Cross-Sell Your
    Way to Profit

    How travel suppliers are using third-party ancillary services to drive new revenues 


Whitepaper Cross-sell your way to profit

 Travel players’ DNA is changing.

“Cross-Sell Your Way to Profit" is a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Amadeus that explores the key trends shaping the future of cross-selling.

The study is based on insights from travel providers from across the globe and centres explicitly on the opportunity presented by “third-party ancillary services”
Findings from the report include:

  • Predicted revenues from third-party ancillary sales are set to grow 30% by 2015, 10 times faster than general sales.
  • Third-party ancillary services will represent 2.5% of total revenues by 2015 – representing $25 million per year for a $1 billion company.
  • New innovative “extreme” third-party ancillary services on offer by 2020 include:

1. Virtual reality allowing customers to experience airports, hotels, cruise ships or destinations prior to travel
2. Digital concierges on mobile phones to assist with hotel, airport or destination services
3. In-journey spa services

  • Mobile is expected to have the biggest impact on the types of third-party ancillary services that are offered and how they are sold.

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