• Whitepaper Managed travel 3.0

    Managed travel 3.0

    Embracing the needs of the business traveller

    Managed Travel is envolving FAST!


Whitepaper Managed travel 3.0


If technology is a creator of experience, then managed travel is most definitely an instrument of change.

The Internet more than anything else has changed the face of managed travel and with it the expectations of the new connected and expectant business traveller.

Managed travel has become more complex, yet more simple, and as a result business travellers want more!

Download this comprehensive analysis of business traveller trends and statistics to build an evidence-based case for Travel Management Companies and corporations alike to focus on the needs, behaviour and preferences of the business traveller to secure a competitive edge in tomorrow's corporate travel industry. 

What can you learn from this whitepaper?

  • Why Managed Travel 3.0 is a trend
  • Hot technology can help you to better manage travel
  • The importance of Mobile leading the 3.0 wave
  • How to build a predictive and personalised experience
  • The evolution of merchandising and consumerisation in 3.0
  • The transformation of digital payments in 3.0

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