• Whitepaper Open for business

    Open for Business

    The value of Open Source Software in transaction processing


Whitepaper Open for business


Open source software systems are making significant inroads into enterprise and critical computing systems.

This shift is heralding nothing short of a revolution in the IT industry. And it is a revolution that almost every major business will need to embrace, at least to some degree, over the medium term.

The paper explores what this transition means for enterprise customers, IT providers and the end consumer.

The benefits to enterprise customers are manifold and include

  • greater and swifter innovation,
  • increased responsiveness, and
  • enhanced systems accessibility and support.

Opportunities for the Travel Sector

In the travel sector, which is one of the fastest moving and most dynamic, there are significant advantages from shifting to open systems in terms of greater agility and cost reduction.

With information now one of the world’s most powerful currencies, and innovation and speed of response key competitive weapons, open systems will be crucial to underpinning the winning commercial strategies of the future in all sectors.


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