• Whitepaper Cleared for take-off

    Cleared for take-off

    Strategies in Lean IT and how they’re relevant to the travel business


Whitepaper Cleared for take-off

Lean thinking is about cutting waste and removing inefficiency, whilst in turn increasing effectiveness and customer value. It is in this spirit that we’ve commissioned a new report by the renowned innovation forecaster James Woudhuysen.

The report examines the principles and origins of lean and shows how they can be applied to IT and operations within the travel industry.

Download the whitepaper now and discover:

  • Travel needs Lean IT
  • The customer case for Lean IT
  • How travel firms can benefit from Lean IT
  • The origins of lean
  • The rise of Lean IT
  • How Amadeus uses lean in Global Operations
  • What travel firms should now do with Lean
With this report we want to shed light on to what we believe is an important approach to managing global operations – the interconnected systems, processes and insights that underpin the global travel sector and enable the latest innovations to be deployed across all channels.


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